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EUROPEAN REGULATION : Basic of organic agriculture

Would you like to know more about organic farming for european market ?

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  • Understanding the fundamental issues of organic farming
  • To know the history and agronomic principles of organic farming
  • Be able to answer the most frequently asked questions from consumers to reassure and convince them.
  • Explain the guarantee systems (labels) and demonstrate their credibility

In summary

Would you like to know more about organic farming, its general principles and organic market trends? Don't hesitate any longer and register!

Target audience :
This module is for everyone.

Prerequisite :
There are no prerequisites for this training

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Organic expert
Organic agriculture trainer and consultant

Course modules - 1 h.

EUROPEAN REGULATION : Basic of organic agriculture
ORGANIC EU - Basics (1/5) - Principles and history
ORGANIC EU - Basics (2/5) - Markets in the world
ORGANIC EU - Basics (3/5) - Regulatory framework
ORGANIC EU - Basics (4/5) - Certification and control system
ORGANIC EU - Basics (5/5) - Exportation rules