NOP (USA) : Detailled requirements for plant production & food processing

Detailled requirements of organic plant production for National Organic Program (NOP), applicable for USA market plant products.

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  • Understand the basic principles of organic production
  • Identify the organic regulation requirements for organic plant production and food processing
  • Implement the organic regulation requirements at the farm level and food industry

In summary

Farmer, agronomist, field technician, farm input sales rep, food quality and regulation manager and officer, agriculture student or consumer

This training course also includes the module "ORGANIC NOP & EOS - Basic Principles and certification process"

Course modules - less than a minute

NOP (USA) : Detailled requirements for plant production & food processing
ORGANIC NOP (USA) - Plant production requirements
ORGANIC NOP - Food processing (1/3) - OSP, prohibited practices, contamination and commingling
ORGANIC NOP - Food processing (2/3) - Pest management, sanitation and record keeping
ORGANIC NOP - Food processing (3/3) - Formulation and labelling
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