Fair Trade

FAIR TRADE: Basic principles and tools

Do you want to know everything about fair trade? How to calculate the fair price or the minimum guarantee price?

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  •  Understanding the stakes and concepts related to fair trade.
  • To know the history and principles of fair trade
  • Defining the key concepts of fair trade: sustainable development, fair price, development premium or fund, pre-financing, fair contract Capacity building and empowerment
  • Analysing the requirements by actor of a fair trade supply chain: the case of cocoa 

In summary

What are the principles of fair trade ? Who are the actors involved? How to calculate the fair price or the minimum guarantee price? What is the fair trade premium or development fund? And many other questions... To do so, follow this training course composed of 6 modules.

This training is for everyone

This training does not require any prerequisites.



Training project manager
Consultant and Training project manager / Fair trade and CSR expert

Course modules - less than a minute

FAIR TRADE: Basic principles and tools
FAIR TRADE (1/5) - Principles and history of Fair Trade
FAIR TRADE (2/5) - Fair price and minimum guaranteed price
FAIR TRADE (3/5) - Fair trade premium or development fund
FAIR TRADE (4/5) - Pre-financing, contracts and capacity building
FAIR TRADE (5/5) - Case study of a cocoa supply chain
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