ECOLOGICAL DETERGENTS: Basic principles and label requirements

What is an ecological detergent ? What are the market trends ? What are the main requirements of Ecocert standards ? All the answers to these questions in this course...

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  • To know the history of the development of the ECOCERT eco-detergents standard
  • Identify the general principles, the main requirements and the ECOCERT certification process
  • Compare the ECOCERT and ECOLABEL standards

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ECOLOGICAL DETERGENTS: Basic principles and label requirements
ECO-DETERGENT (1/3) - History of the ECOCERT standard & market trends
ECO-DETERGENT (2/3) - Main requirements and ECOCERT certification process
ECO-DETERGENT (3/3) - Comparison between ECOCERT and ECOLABEL
ECO-DETERGENT - Basics - Synthesis
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