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SOCIAL AUDITS (en) - Regulatory framework and methods

You are already or will soon be involved in social audits? Through this programme, you will have a complete overview of what social audits imply, to be better equipped to perform them

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In a few words

This programme will include several quiz, exercises, study cases, etc. 📄   In some cases, you will take the point of view of the "auditee" (i.e. the company or organization that is audited) 🏭, in others, the one of the "auditor" 🧑👩‍🦱.   🎯 But the main goal of this training is to acquire more knowledge about social auditing.   

This training is intended for :   
1. third-party or internal auditors
2. quality managers involved in the implementation of a social compliance standard / internal code of conduct within their organization.   

This training requires to know the basic principles and steps of auditing.


  • Explain the importance and diversity of social auditing 
  • Identify which rule applies when dealing with social compliance 
  • Understand better the requirements and structure of a social compliance standard 
  • Outline specific recommendations for social auditing 
  • List the main investigations to be held per social topic   


Training project manager
Consultant and Training project manager / Fair trade and CSR expert

Course modules - 20 h.

SOCIAL AUDITS (en) - Regulatory framework and methods
SOCIAL AUDITS - Course introduction
SOCIAL AUDITS (1/5) - Importance and diversity
SOCIAL AUDITS (2/5) - Regulations and laws
SOCIAL AUDITS (3/5) - The SA8000 norm
SOCIAL AUDITS (4/5) - Audit steps and methodology
SOCIAL AUDITS (5/5) - Audit methods per social topic
SOCIAL AUDITS - Evaluation module