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JAS : How to be in compliance with Japanese regulation

Detailled requirements of organic production for Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS), applicable for Japan.

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Producers, processors, organic advisers, consultants, regulatory or quality managers and consumers.

This training course also includes the module "ORGANIC FOOD EXPORT : navigate different export systems"

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  • Understand the basic principles of organic plant production and food processing
  • Identify the organic regulation requirements for organic plant production and food processing
  • Implement the organic regulation requirements at the farm and processing level


Organic expert
Organic agriculture trainer and consultant

Course modules - 4 h.

JAS : How to be in compliance with Japanese regulation
ORGANIC JAS (1/6) - Introduction and overview
ORGANIC JAS (3/6) - Processed food, General
ORGANIC JAS (4/6) - Crop production, Criteria
ORGANIC JAS (5/6) - Processed food manufacturers, Criteria
ORGANIC JAS (6/6) - Repackers and importers, Criteria
ORGANIC JAS - Test for all operators
ORGANIC JAS - Test for Producers
ORGANIC JAS - Test for Repackers
ORGANIC JAS - Test for Processors